The Girl From Monaco

Release Date: December 21, 2011

The Girl From Monaco


Alexandre Steiger | Christophe Vandevelde | Fabrice Luchini | Gilles Cohen | Hélène de Saint-Père | Jeanne Balibar | Louise Bourgoin | Philippe Duclos | Roschdy Zem | Stéphane Audran |

Genres: ,

Directed By: Anne Fontaine

Runtime: 95 minutes

Studio: Sony

MPAA Rating


In the movie “The Girl From Monaco,” a brilliant and neurotic attorney (Fabrice Luchini) goes to Monaco to defend a famous criminal. But, instead of focusing on the case, he falls for a beautiful she-devil (Louise Bourgoin), who turns him into a complete wreck. Hopefully, his zealous bodyguard (Roschdy Zem) will step in and put everything back in order… Or will he?

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