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February 2013 Movie Releases include Die Hard 5 and Beautiful Creatures.

Melissa McCarthy became an A-list actress with her comedy Identity Thief. Melissa McCarthy stole the movie Bridesmaids and earned an Oscar nomination for her role in the film. But Identity Thief became the first release of 2013 to climb, soar, past the outdated but still coveted $100 million at the 2013 movie box office.

Bruce Willis was back as John McClane in the fifth Die Hard movie. But it was DOA.

Senior citizen Sylvester Stallone also returned to the big screen February 2013 with his R-rated action film Bullet To The Head. But he might as well put a real bullet in his head, as the movie became one of the biggest wide release flops of all time.

February 1, 2013 Movie Releases Warm Bodies, Bullet To The Head, The Gatekeepers, Stand Up Guys (expansion)

February 8, 2013 Movie Releases Identity Thief, Side Effects, Charles Swan

February 13, 2013 Movie Releases Beautiful Creatures

February 14, 2013 Movie Releases Die Hard 5, Safe Haven

February 15, 2013 Movie Releases Escape From Planet Earth

February 22, 2013 Movie Releases Dark Skies, Snitch

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