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Emoticon ;) Release Date: May 30, 2014

How movies like this, with less than zero talent and directors attached, get made are mind boggling. How they get booked for theatrical release (even in independently owned art houses) is a question for a brain surgeon.

This dreadful movie, which does not even have the budget to have a proper official website, or trailer on YouTube, is one of the worst ever.

In the movie Emoticon, Elena Gallenti (Livia De Paolis) is an anthropology graduate student struggling to compete her thesis on ‘modern means of communication.’ All that changes when she meets her new boyfriend’s (Michael Cristofer) teenage kids (Miles Chandler and Diane Guerrero), who are going through their own journeys of self-discovery. Through these relationships and the help of her PhD advisor (Carol Kane), Elena comes to a better understanding of how to navigate love and intimacy in the digital age.

Thankfully, the movie comes in at 79 minutes. However, you’d be better of spending time picking lint out of your belly button or biting your toe nails.

Emoticon ;) Trailer

Starring: Carol KaneSonia BragaAllie GalleraniChristine EbersoleDaphne Rubin-VegaMiles ChandlerAlexandra SochaMax FriedÖzcan ÖzdemirEric NelsenLuis VegaGameela WrightAlyson LangeDanelle EliavJason LiebmanDiane GuerreroAlejandro RodriguezMichael CristoferCharlie SolisLivia De Paolis
Genres: Drama
Directed By: Livia De Paolis

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