Star Wars: Episode 7

In Movie Theaters December 18, 2015

The seventh original, big screen Star Wars movie. The first from Walt Disney Pictures.

Star Wars VIII and Star Wars IX are coming to theaters in 2017 and 2019, respectively.

George Lucas sold rights to all of his Star Wars films and merchandise to Walt Disney Pictures in late October 2012 for $4 billion.

Star Wars Episode VII is an original story, not based on any pre-existing Star Wars books or other materials.

Harrison Ford has officially signed on to reprise one of the most iconic characters in sci-fi history.

Harrison Ford, who became famous playing Han Solo in the very first Star Wars movie, (and in The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi), is returning as the Corellian smuggler with a heart of gold who reluctantly joins the Rebel Alliance to win the heart of a princess in Star Wars: Episode VII directed by J.J. Abrams.

John Williams, who has been nominated for 49 Oscars, including for scoring the 2013 Oscar nominee Lincoln, has officially signed on to compose the score for the seventh Star Wars big screen film.

John Williams won an Oscar for Best Original Score for the very first Star Wars movie in 1978. John Williams has also won Oscars for Best Original Score for Schindler's List, E.T., Jaws and Fiddler On The Roof. John Williams received his first Oscar nomination for Best Original Score for the 1967 movie Valley Of The Dolls, which was written by the late film critic, Roger Ebert.

UPDATE - February 26, 2014: The hideous looking Adam Driver from the HBO show Girls has been cast as a villain in Star Wars 7.

Adam Driver, 30, is the first cast member to be revealed for Walt Disney Studios and Lucasfilm’s 7th “Star Wars” installment.

Star Wars 7 begins shooting at London’s Pinewood Studios in April 2014. Additional cast members will be announced before filming begins.

“Star Wars 7” continues the Jedi saga where “Return of the Jedi” left off.

Some of the best comments on the internet after the casting was announced include: In other news, sources say they are looking at the cast of Girls for another role said to ”be in the vein of Jabba the Hutt.” and this gem, He sorta looks like Jar Jar turned to the Dark Side.

STARRING: Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams, Anthony Daniels, Adam Driver
STUDIO: Walt Disney Pictures
Star Wars: Episode 7 Official Website:

Below, watch an exclusive trailer from Star Wars: Episode 7.

Oops. April Fools'.

Instead, watch the Blooper reel from Star Wars and Return Of The Jedi.

Spinoff movies, one featuring Yoda, the other featuring Han Solo, also arrive in theaters before 2020. Stay tuned to this page for constant Star Wars updates.

Star Wars 7 in movie theaters 2015

Star Wars Episode 7 and beyond facts: Disney bought Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion. Disney aims to release a seventh installation of the space epic in 2015, with at least two more episodes to follow. Lucas, who will be a creative consultant on the movie, has already met with screenwriters. The story will take place at some point after Return of the Jedi. And, outside the cinema, Star Wars will also be added to the Disney universe of theme parks, merchandise and television.

Below, the very first Star Wars teaser movie poster, which began appearing in movie theater lobbies in 1977, which sells for more than $16,000 on Ebay.

Star Wars movie poster 1977