120 Beats Per Minute

120 Beats Per Minute Release Date: TBA

120 Beats Per Minute

120 Beats Per Minute, clocking in at an unbearable 2 hours and 20 minutes, was perceived by many left wing lunatics to be the front-runner to win the 2017 Best Picture Award (Palm D’Or) at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival.

Thankfully, the French film lost (to an almost as horrible film, The Square), as it is not at all an entertaining movie, rather a political statement.

With AIDS having already claimed countless lives for nearly ten years, Act Up Paris activists in 1990 multiply actions to fight general indifference. Nathan, a newcomer to the group, has his world shaken up by Sean, a radical militant, who throws his last bits of strength into the struggle.

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Starring: Arnaud ValoisAriel BorensteinNaelle DariyaYves HeckMarco HoraniehRahim-Silvioli MehdiSaadia Bentaïeb
Genres: DramaHistory
Directed By: Robin Campillo
Runtime: 140 minutes
Studio: The Orchard
MPAA Rating R