Blind Release Date: July 14, 2017

In the movie Blind, bestselling novelist, Bill Oakland, loses his wife and his sight in a vicious car crash. Five years later socialite Suzanne Dutchman is forced to read to Bill in an intimate room three times a week as a plea bargain for being associated with her husband’s insider trading. A passionate affair ensues, forcing them both to question whether or not it’s ever too late to find true love. But when Suzanne’s husband is let out on a technicality, she is forced to choose between the man she loves and the man she built a life with.

Blind is released by Vertical Entertainment, a virtual non-entity in Hollywood. No major movie theater chains release movies from studios like Vertical Entertainment, as the studios such as these release their films on Video On Demand (VOD) the same week as the theatrical release.

Ironically, in the 1980s and early 90s, Demi Moore was the highest paid actress in the world, with movies such as About Last Night, Ghost, Indecent Proposal and G.I. Jane. Now, no major studio will touch her if their studio depended on it to open a film.

Alec Baldwin, relegated to making fun of President Donald Trump on TV’s Saturday Night Live, is in the same boat. In the 1980s he starred in Oscar nominated films such as Working Girl and even earned a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination in 2004 for the movie The Cooler.

Check out the Blind trailer below.

Blind Trailer

Starring: Demi MooreAlec BaldwinDylan McDermottViva BiancaDorothy LymanJames McCaffreyJabari GrayKaren GoellerJohn Buffalo MailerRenée Willett
Genres: DramaRomance
Directed By: Michael Mailer
Runtime: 98 minutes
Studio: Vertical Entertainment
MPAA Rating R