Breathe Release Date: October 13, 2017

The movie Breathe is based on the true story of Robin (Oscar nominee Andrew Garfield, Hacksaw Ridge), a handsome, brilliant and adventurous man whose life takes a dramatic turn when polio leaves him paralyzed.

Gollum, from the Lord Of The Rings movies, and Caesar from the Planet Of The Apes movies, Andy Serkis, directs Breathe.

Breathe is the first movie that Andy Serkis directed. The live action Warner Bros. version of The Jungle Book (2018) is the second movie he directed.

Breathe Trailer

Starring: Andrew GarfieldClaire FoyDiana RiggMiranda RaisonDean-Charles ChapmanEd SpeleersHugh BonnevilleEmily BevanJames WilbyBen Lloyd-Hughes
Genres: Drama
Directed By: Andy Serkis
Studio: Bleecker Street
MPAA Rating PG-13

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  • Breathe movie poster