Paint It Black

Paint It Black Release Date: May 19, 2017

The movie Paint It Black tells the story of two women from different worlds who, after losing the man they both loved, are joined in shock and grief when they are drawn into a twisted relationship that reflects equal parts distrust and blind need.

Amber Tamblyn directed and wrote the movie Paint It Black. She is best known for playing the title role in the CBS drama Joan Of Arcadia, which ran for two seasons beginning in 2003.

Don’t confuse her with Amber Heard, who is best known for being married briefly to nut-job actor Johnny Depp.

Paint It Black Trailer

Starring: Annabelle AttanasioAlia ShawkatAlfred MolinaAshley Blaine FeathersonJanet McTeerEmily RiosJohn RobertsNancy KwanRhys WakefieldKen Davitian
Genres: Drama
Directed By: Amber Tamblyn
Runtime: 96 minutes
Studio: Imagination Worldwide
MPAA Rating Unrated