The Battleship Island

The Battleship Island Release Date: August 4, 2017

The Battleship Island is based on a true story during WWII when Korea was under the colonial rule of Japan. In 1944, 400 conscripted Korean civilians head out to Hashima Island. Nicknamed “The Battleship Island” after its resemblance to a war vessel, many were lured by false promises of high wages. Upon arrival, they found that workers are forced into slave labor. As the U.S. launches a massive counterattack on Japan, the Japanese decide to blow up the island in order to bury the truth about their awful treatment of the Korean slave labors. A Korean independence activist discovers the plan and works with others on the island for a mass escape.

The film is directed by Ryoo Seung-wan (Veteran, The Berlin File), and stars Hwang Jung-min (Ode to My Father, The Himalayas), So Ji-sub (Always, Sophie’s Revenge), Song Joong-ki (Descendants of the Sun, A Werewolf Boy), and Lee Jung-hyun (Alice in Earnestland, Roaring Currents).

The Battleship Island Trailer

Starring: Joong-ki SongJi-seob SoSu-an KimJung-min HwangJung-hyun Lee
Genres: ActionDramaFantasyHistoryWar
Directed By: Seung-wan Ryoo
Runtime: 132 minutes
Studio: CJ Entertainment
MPAA Rating Unrated