Wonderstruck Release Date: October 20, 2017

The movie Wonderstruck tells the story of a young boy in the Midwest and is told simultaneously with a tale about a young girl in New York from fifty years ago as they both seek the same mysterious connection.

Todd Haynes (Far From Heaven and HBO’s Mildred Pierce) directs the movie Wonderstruck.

The movie Carol, from Todd Haynes, competed in the 2015 Cannes Film Festival and won the Best Actress Award for Rooney Mara. Todd Haynes also won an award at Cannes in 2015. Here is the statement from the Cannes Film Festival, after bestowing him with the Queer Palm.

“The film we’ve chosen to award is more than a movie, it’s a moment in history. The first time a love story between two women was treated with the respect and significance of any other mainstream cinematic romance. For its heartbreaking performances, stunning mise-en-scene, and overall mastery of craft we are proud to award CAROL with the Queer Palm.”

Starring: Amy HargreavesMichelle WilliamsJulianne MooreCory Michael SmithTom NoonanMorgan TurnerOakes FegleyJames UrbaniakDamian YoungMarko Caka
Genres: Drama
Directed By: Todd Haynes
Runtime: 120 minutes
Studio: Roadside Attractions
MPAA Rating PG

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