Maze Runner 3

Maze Runner 3 Release Date: January 26, 2018

Maze Runner 3

In the Maze Runner 3, AKA Maze Runner The Death Cure, young hero, Thomas (Dylan O’Brien), embarks on a mission to find a cure to a deadly disease known as the “Flare”.

Due to Dylan O’Brien’s injury during filming, which he sustained in March 2016, and his eventual recovery, the release date of the movie, originally slated for 17th February, 2017, was postponed to January 12th, 2018. Filming for this film was immediately halted after Dylan O’Brien was hospitalized.

The first Maze Runner movie arrived in theaters in 2014 and took in $102 million in the United States. Maze Runner 2 was released in 2015 and took in $82 million in U.S. theaters.

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Starring: Nathalie EmmanuelKaya ScodelarioGiancarlo EspositoKatherine McNamaraThomas Brodie-SangsterJacob LoflandRosa SalazarBarry PepperKi Hong LeeDylan O'Brien
Genres: ActionSci-FiThriller
Directed By: Wes Ball
Studio: 20th Century Fox
MPAA Rating PG-13