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As further proof that Relativity Media is the worst movie studio on the planet, they have cast one of the worst, if not the worst, actors alive to play the lead in their – unnecessary – The Crow remake AKA The Crow 2016.

Luke Evans, who plays The Crow in the remake of the 1994 film of the same name, bombed for Relativity Media two years in a row. First with their Immortals in 2011 and again in 2012 with their dreadful box office bomb The Raven.

Luke Evans also failed to attract attention with his role as Apollo in the 2010 movie Clash Of The Titans remake.

He must work for very cheap, or else has something on the vile Ryan Kavanaugh who owns Relativity Media.

As for the story of The Crow Remake… producer Edward Pressman says the new film will attempt to reboot the franchise with a number of alterations. One is the nature of the actual Crow itself, describing it as a creature, it’s not just a bird. It’s got a personality and a character. Not like Godzilla exactly, but it’s very different and has a more active role in the story. The new film is set in both a small Southwest town and a larger city. The action will move from the town to the city and back again.

The 1994 Alex Proyas directed big screen adaptation of The Crow comic book series told the story of rock musician Eric Draven (Brandon Lee) who is murdered trying to rescue his girlfriend from thugs, and returns from the dead one year later to exact vengeance.

Brandon Lee died on the set of the 1994 The Crow from a gunshot. The gun was supposed to be loaded with blanks but had real bullets in it.

Starring: Luke Evans
Genres: ActionCrimeFantasyRomanceThriller
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MPAA Rating R

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