Top 10 Movies of 2017 by Tim Nasson

November 30, 2017

Top 10 Movies of 2017 by Tim Nasson.

It’s that time of the year again, time for lists of every sort. Have you been naughty or nice? (Santa knows). Well, I am Tim Nasson, publisher of Wild About Movies, and I have been doing a Top 10 list for nearly 35 years. Even though I think the quality of movies has suffered since the 1980s, I still plod along, trying to watch every movie that arrives in theaters, (at least the ones that are awards contenders).

There’s a catch this year. While the Top 10 Movies of 2017 by Tim Nasson will be released soon, the list is not quite ready yet, because there are a lot of movies, movies sent to me by the studios to consider for the Top 10 Movies of 2017 by Tim Nasson list, piling up on my TV stand, waiting to be watched. I promise that I will get through them all by the end of 2017, and that by New Year’s Day the complete list will be ready.

As an added bonus, some celebrity friends of mine, including Christian Campbell, John Cameron Mitchell, Britanny Curran, Alan Ritchson and a few others, will reveal their favorites of 2017 at the movies, as well.

As of today, I can say with certainty, there are a couple of movies that will remain on the Top 10 Movies of 2017 by Tim Nasson list no matter how many more I see. Will they remain near the top? That’s hard to say, because I have yet to see movies like The Post, The Greatest Showman, Hostiles, Three Billboards, Darkest Hour and Coco.

The Shape of Water, written and directed by Guillermo del Torro is, by far, a piece of cinematic genius. As of today, the film is my favorite of 2017. The performances, especially by Sally Hawkins and Michael Shannon are Oscar worthy. As is the film’s cinematography, original score and costume design.

Call Me By Your Name, adapted for the big screen by 90 year old James Ivory (director of the classic Oscar winners and nominees A Room With A View, Howard’s End and Remains of the Day) is also a sure thing to remain on my Top 10 list of best movies of 2017. Is Call Me By Your Name overrated? Yes. Definitely. But it is also a masterpiece. Armie Hammer is miscast. While a nice guy, he is not a great actor. And Timothee Chalamet, the star of the film, runs circles around him in every scene. Rightfully so, Chalamet will most likely earn a 2018 Best Actor Oscar nomination (and Golden Globe nomination). In addition, it is supporting roles like the one that Michael Stuhlbarg plays in Call Me By Your Name that give meaning to the definition Best Supporting Actor. The heart wrenching scene at the end of the movie where Stuhlbarg’s character sits with his son, (Chalamet), pouring out his heart, bonding with his son, is pure magic.

Stay tuned daily for updates and check back on December 31, 2017 forĀ  the complete list of Top 10 Movies of 2017 by Tim Nasson.


Top 10 Movies of 2017 by Tim Nasson