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First Look

Did you ever wonder how big Owen Wilson’s schlong was? Or if he might be gay? Or if he ever had an STD? Or if he has ever crashed a wedding? Well, we’re not kidding when we say that you can ask Owen Wilson anything, and he will answer you. Seriously. To ask him a question – any question – to watch the trailer of his latest, “You, Me And Dupree,” just peruse this page and click on the appropriate links!

You Me And Dupree

Carl and Molly Peterson (Matt Dillon and Kate Hudson) are just starting their new life together—complete with a cute house, boring neighbors, stable jobs and the routines of newlywed existence. There’s just one unfortunate hitch in their perfectly constructed new world. And his name’s Dupree. Randy Dupree (Owen Wilson), Carl’s oldest friend and perpetual bachelor, has found himself with nowhere to go after being fired. Carl yanks his jobless/homeless pal out of the bar he’s living in and invites him to temporarily crash on the couch—that’s just what friends do. At first, Carl is quite pleased to have his good buddy as a permanent couch guest, while Molly bears the brunt of Dupree’s immature antics. But, as Carl becomes buried in his grown-up job, he finds it harder and harder to juggle Dupree and his responsibilities as a husband. To make matters worse, Dupree uses his ample spare time to become a great companion for Molly. Even her dad (Michael Douglas) and the neighbors are falling for his carefree wisdom and charm—frustrating Carl to no end. Soon, everyone (but Carl) begins to root for Dupree to stick around. But as Dupree starts to become a fixture in the Peterson’s home, three becomes not just a crowd…but a full-blown, hilarious catastrophe. Directors Anthony and Joe Russo (“Arrested Development”) tell the wildly comic story of a suburban couple who are just trying to make their new marriage work when her and me unexpectedly becomes “You, Me and Dupree.”

STARRING: Owen Wilson, Kate Hudson, Matt Dillon, Michael Douglas, Seth Rogen
DIRECTORS: Joe and Anthony Russo
STUDIO: Universal

Wild About Movies Grade: D

(As “Click” does, “You, Me & Dupree” starts off promising, as if it could be the next “There’s Something About Mary.” But half way through, partly with the help of Michael Douglas, who hasn’t been more evil since “Falling Down,” the movie takes an unwelcomed dark turn delving from gross-out, yet, yes, endearing comedy, into utter dreck. Hudson looks astounding and shows, even though this movie is not the correct vehicle, that she is still Oscar material, a real star. (Yes, Hudson, the daughter of Oscar winning actress Goldie Hawn, was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar a half decade ago for “Almost Famous.”) She is virtually the only reason to plop down any money for a ticket.)

You Me And Dupree Movie, Trailer, Poster, Owen Wilson, Kate Hudson, Matt Dillion Trailer