Eric D Snider vs Tim Nasson

April 15, 2014

Eric D Snider vs Tim Nasson

Release Date:
April 15, 2014

Eric D Snider Is A Psycho

By Tim Nasson
Publisher of Wild About Movies

Eric D. Snider, a movie critic psycho, (Eric D Snider vs Tim Nasson) who has been banned from movie screenings by many movie studios, including Paramount Pictures, at one time or another for causing problems, has a fondness for me, Tim Nasson, unlike anyone else in the universe.

Eric D. Snider is intent on getting the page on his failing website – see, and compare his site, whatever that is, to that of WildAboutMovies – highly ranked at the expense of me, Tim Nasson, by writing untrue stories, including the one that is found when Googling my name, Tim Nasson, alleging, untrutfully, that I am a liar and made up my interview with the Oscar winning director, Oliver Stone.

Eric D. Snider actually lies countless times in his article diatribe full of untuths about me, Tim Nasson, and says that I made up an interview with Oliver Stone for the movie World Trade Center when, in fact, I interviewed the Oscar winning director to discuss the movie, not once, but twice, including one time, alone – a one-on-one interview provided by the movie studio. In addition, as is evidenced by anyone who knows anything, my one-on-one celebrity interviews with virtually every A+ list movie star from 1989 to present have appeared in countless publications around the world, including the daily Boston area newspaper, The Patriot Ledger.

And, I have actually been flown out from Boston to Los Angeles, and put up at The Four Seasons Hotel @ Beverly Hills, no less than 350 times by movie studios, on their dime, from 1995-2013, to interview the stars of their movies. Finally, I actually have proof that Eric D. Snider is apsycho. His psychoticness actually had him banned – for life – from RottenTomatoes, where he committed a crime. Read the story here in The Guardian.

According to the article, which has been verified as fact by the editors of RottenTomatoes, Eric D. Snider posted a negative review on Rotten Tomatoes of The Dark Knight Rises despite never having seen Christopher Nolan’s film – just so that people would click on a one sentence snippet on RottenTomatoes through to his site. Jealousy knows know bounds.

And if Eric D. Snider wants to play this game, I will win, as this page now ranks #1 on Google whenever anyone types in the name of the vile creature, Eric D. Snider.

F you, Eric D. Snider. As they say, Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold. And even though it took me 6 years to prove that you are apsycho, the wait was well worth it.

The end.