Enemies Closer

Enemies Closer

Release Date:
January 24, 2014

In the movie Enemies Closer, starring a trio of has-beens, the latter two has-beens who never were ( Jean-Claude Van Damme, Orlando Jones, Tom Everett Scott) deep within a forest on the US-Canadian border, two sworn enemies must work together to escape a ruthless drug cartel hell-bent on retrieving a drug shipment which went missing there.

From the director of the sequel of 2001: A Space Odyssey, 2010, Peter Hyams. Peter Hyams also directed the terrible 1980s movies The Presidio and Running Scared, among other box office bombs.

Starring: Tom Everett Scott, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dimo Alexiev, Orlando Jones, Christopher Robbie, Zahary Baharov, Linzey Cocker, Teodor Tzolov, Vlado Mihailov, Kristopher Van Varenberg,

Genres: ,

Directed By: Peter Hyams

Runtime: 85 minutes

MPAA Rating


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