The Wild

The Wild Release Date: April 14, 2006

“Walt Disney’s The Wild” follows a teenage lion from the New York Zoo who gets accidentally shipped to Africa and freed. His friends at the zoo including an older lion, a giraffe, an anaconda, and a squirrel must unite to bring him back. “Walt Disney’s The Wild” Fun Facts

* Samson the lion has more than six million hairs that each have to be individually created, or “rendered,” by a computer. And Samson’s not even the hairiest animal in the movie. That distinction belongs to a relatively minor character, a poodle, who boasts over fourteen million hairs!

* Most of Nigel’s (the koala) lines were created “off the cuff” in improvisation sessions between Eddie Izzard and the director Spaz Williams.

* The director, Spaz Williams, is a pioneer in the visual effects industry. He created the first animated test of the T-Rex in Jurassic Park, in addition to the water tentacle in the Abyss, the liquid metal in Terminator 2, and the wolf-whistle scene in the Mask for which he earned an Oscar nomination.

The Wild

Genres: AdventureAnimationComedyFamily
Directed By: Steve 'Spaz' Williams
Runtime: 94 minutes
Studio: Walt Disney Pictures
Total Box Office: 37.4 MIL
MPAA Rating G

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