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The Woman King Review: By Tim Nasson

Make no mistake. Wonder Woman was real. Forget about Wakanda (the fictional kingdom from Marvel’s Black Panther). The historically accurate world of The Woman King is the African super heroic universe you really want to visit. Viola Davis (Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Fences, 2016) portrays General Nanisca, the mighty leader of an all-female army […]

Medieval movie poster

Medieval Review: By Tim Nasson

An array of films based on true stories is opening in movie theaters this month. Medieval is not the best of the bunch. It’s a picture that’s short on any memorable dialogue and devoid of great acting. Even the usually wonderful Ben Foster and always sensational Matthew Goode (Watch The Offer on Paramount+, if you […]

The Son photo

The Son Review: By Tim Nasson

Film director/playwright Florian Zeller is back on the big screen with a bang – with The Son, a follow-up to his Academy Award winning tour de force, The Father. The Father brought Sir Anthony Hopkins his second Best Actor Oscar as a man living with Alzheimer’s and recognized Zeller (and co-screenwriter Christopher Hampton) with Best […]


Men Review by Tim Nasson

If watching “Little Britain” while on an LSD trip sounds like something you’d enjoy, then “Men” is the movie for you, without the LSD. It is the most bizarre, utterly incomprehensible movie since “Eraserhead”. But, like “Eraserhead,” it hooks you in the moment it begins and doesn’t let up until the end. “Men” is written […]

Operation Mincemeat poster

Operation Mincemeat Review By Tim Nasson

The best new movie being released this week, “Operation Mincemeat”, isn’t arriving theaters. It debuts on Netflix (Wednesday 11 May). After an Oscar qualifying one-week theatrical run that began last week in Los Angeles and NYC, “Operation Mincemeat” is poised to become an early Oscars frontrunner for Best Adapted Screenplay. From Oscar nominated director John […]


You Should Have Left Review by Tim Nasson

Universal’s You Should Have Left is the latest movie to bypass movie theaters and debut via streaming, (following the likes of Trolls: World Tour, The King of Staten Island, Artemis Fowl, The High Note, the Valley Girl remake, The Lovebirds, to name a few). You Should Have Left is definitely not the type of movie that that loses […]

A Fall From Grace

A Fall From Grace Review by Tim Nasson

“A Fall From Grace” marks several firsts for Atlanta-based entertainment mogul Tyler Perry. It’s his first feature film for Netflix, his first psychological thriller, and also the prolific writer-actor-director-producer’s first film since wrapping up the Medea series of ten big screen films which, combined, earned more than half a billion dollars at the box office. […]


Just Mercy Review by Tim Nasson

By Tim Nasson It’s said truth is stranger than fiction. In Just Mercy, a new film starring Oscar winner Jamie Foxx (Ray), truth is scarier than fiction. Just Mercy tells the true story of Walter McMillan, an African American man unfairly convicted of murdering an 18-year-old white girl in 1980s Alabama and sentenced to death. […]

1917 movie poster

1917 Review by Tim Nasson

1917 is a remarkable film that allows moviegoers to experience, virtually firsthand, one day in the life of a soldier during the First World War. The plot involves two young British soldiers, Lance Corporal Schofield (George MacKay) and Lance Corporal Blake (Dean-Charles Chapman), who are given an important but seemingly impossible mission: deliver a message […]


A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Review by Tim Nasson

Last week I prematurely proclaimed that Charlie’s Angels, the reboot, was the worst major studio release of 2019. I have to take that back since, currently, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood earns that distinction. There are still a handful of 2019 major releases that I have yet to see, and there is a chance, […]


Frozen 2 Review by Tim Nasson

The target audience for Disney’s Frozen 2 is all of the girls who saw and loved the first film in 2013, and since, be it in theaters, on DVD, HBO or Disney+. And there are tens of millions around the world. I am certainly not part of that audience. Frozen 2 is going to make a […]


Charlie’s Angels (2019) Review by Tim Nasson

Charlie’s Angels is a brand that, at one point, was not laughable. It all began in 1976 with a TV show that turned Farrah Fawcett (Angel Jill Monroe) into a superstar. In 2000, the Angels were reborn and this time onto the big screen. I flew from Boston to Los Angeles to interview the entire cast […]


Ford v Ferrari Review by Tim Nasson

I hate car racing movies. At least I thought I did until I saw Ford v Ferrari, one of the better films of 2019. Starring Matt Damon and Christian Bale, the film is more of a narrative featuring Oscar worthy performances by both Damon and Bale, especially Bale, than a racing movie. The movie, directed just as wonderfully […]

Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep Review by Tim Nasson

Stephen King famously despised Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece of a film, The Shining, (an adaptation of King’s novel of the same name), upon its release in 1980. That film went on to become a classic and is considered one of the best horror films of all time. However, the film, even though it featured Jack Nicholson […]

Last Christmas

Last Christmas Review by Tim Nasson

If you were to pour the movies Harvey, The Sixth Sense, Ghost, An Affair to Remember and Nuts into a blender and mix on the highest speed, you just may end up with the movie Last Christmas, one of the worst Christmas movies ever made. Paul Feig (Bridesmaids) directed this dreck featuring Game Of Thrones‘ Emilia […]


Midway Review by Tim Nasson

The movie Midway is the $100 million catastrophe that may put the nail in director Roland Emmerich’s (Independence Day, White House Down) coffin when it comes to directing movies for mini majors, in this case, Lionsgate, and any of the big 5 majors. Midway is the story of the Battle of Midway, told by the leaders […]


Harriet Review by Tim Nasson

The movie Harriet, directed by Kasi Lemmons (director of the haunting and wonderful Eve’s Bayou from 1997) and starring Best Lead Actress in a musical (2016) Tony Winner Cynthia Erivo (The Color Purple), could have been a great film. Harriet is the story of Minty (short for Araminta), who is born into slavery. Her father and […]


Countdown Review by Tim Nasson

If ever there was a movie tailor made for Netflix, a movie intended to bypass movie theaters altogether, Countdown is the film. Countdown is not a Netflix release. It is from the fairly new STX Films, responsible for more box office bombs and misses (UglyDolls, The Best of Enemies, The Happytime Murders, I Feel Pretty, Second […]


The Lighthouse Review by Tim Nasson

The Lighthouse, starring Oscar nominee Willem Dafoe (who is always brilliant in every movie he is in), and Twilight’s Robert Pattinson, is the follow up film from director Robert Eggers, whose 2017 movie, The Witch, was an art house favorite. The Witch actually entertained. The Lighthouse is something else altogether. There has been a lot […]

Parasite poster

Parasite Review by Tim Nasson

To say that a foreign film that plays in movie theaters and that appeals to the masses is something of a unicorn is an understatement. Even last year’s Roma, with all of its Oscar nominations and hype, was not a movie many cared to see in theaters (or on Netflix for that matter). It played […]


Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Review by Tim Nasson

The good news for Disney is that the majority of their films as of late make $1 billion worldwide, or more. The bad news for Disney is that Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (the sequel to 2014’s Maleficent, a spinoff of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty) lacks the Disney magic that seems to appear in most of their films, looks […]


Zombieland 2 Review by Tim Nasson

Growing up in the 1980s, without internet, without Netflix, without independent access to a video store’s collection of movies, (until I was about 16), there were a number of movies that I saw in theaters (I went to the movies alone at least twice a week beginning at 14) that were sequels without having seen […]

Gemini Man poster

Gemini Man Review by Tim Nasson

The best way to go into two-time Best Director Oscar winner Ang Lee’s Gemini Man is to leave any sense of reality you have at the door. Lee, whom I have interviewed twice, (Ride With The Devil and Brokeback Mountain), is one of the best directors ever. Period. While the story of Gemini Man, where an […]

The Addams Family 2019 movie poster

The Addams Family Review by Tim Nasson

The Addams Family debuted on television fifty-five years ago and ran for only two seasons. Nearly thirty years ago The Addams Family made their big screen debut. That live action film, directed by Barry Sonnenfeld (Men In Black), featured Angelica Huston and Raul Julia as Morticia and Gomez Addams. I was not a fan, at […]


Joker Review by Tim Nasson

The Joker debuted in DC Comics’s first issue of Batman in 1940, and since then in TV and movies he continually sparks iconic performances. Cesar Romero was the first human to portray him in the Batman TV show. Jack Nicholson was the first to grace the big screen as the Joker, and was robbed of an […]