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Across The Universe Release Date: September 14, 2007

March 15, 2007: As far as we know, is the first medium in the world to report on Julie Taymor’s, Columbia Pictures’, Revolution Studios’, “Across The Universe.” Our 18-year-old, Scottsdale, AZ., Horizon High School, soon-to-be graduate, current intern and soon-to-be full-time WAM correspondent, Scott, was invited to a TEST SCREENING of a movie not in theaters until September 28, 2007. “I was invited to the movie, (“Across The Universe”), yesterday,” said Scott, when he was in our office, today. “And I had no interest in going to the screening (at the Harkins Cine-Capri). But my girlfriend ended up going to dinner with her two friends, ditching me. So, I called my friend Chad and we went to the movie, not knowing athing about it. Except that it was a movie with”Beatles” songs. We thought the movie would be geared more toward people our parents’ ages. We had no idea that everyone who stars in the movie was under 21 andamazing. After seeing ‘Across The Universe,’ I have to say, as does my friend Todd, the movie is going to be huge and we will never pass up an opportunity to see a test screening.” We, Wild About Movies, think that may have an inch on “Across The Universe.” But we haven’t seen yet and let no one forget that “The Producers” tanked at the movie box office after breaking Broadway box office records. So, a hit Broadway musical does not a hit movie make!

If what Scott and Chad have to say means a thing, well, then, “Across The Universe” will be a hit. And Revolution/Columbia Pictures certainly took a big chance on the musical “Across The Universe.”

Their last musical, (not including ), “Rent,” (another Broadway hit musical), was a huge disappointment at the movie box office, on DVD and was panned by most critics.

TO READ ABOUT THE HUGE CONTROVERSY SURROUNDING “Across the Universe Movie,” between its director Julie Taymor and Revolution Studios CEO Joe Roth, click on the link below. Wild About Movies was at the screening mentioned in the NY Times story in the link below.OFFICIAL NONSENSICAL SYNOPSIS:

Genres: DramaMusicalRomance
Directed By: Julie Taymor
Runtime: 133 minutes
Studio: SonR
Total Box Office: 24.3 MIL
MPAA Rating PG-13

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