Alone With Her

Alone With Her Release Date: January 17, 2007

As ALONE WITH HER opens, our point of view is through a camcorder lens as it is being hidden in a bag. We see the recording date and time in the upper left hand corner – Aug 7, 11:12 AM. Later, at the beach, the hidden camera, and its anonymous handler, captures various shots of unsuspecting women in bikinis. A little later we see a shot up one woman’s skirt, and watch her as she confronts the person holding the camera bag. “What?” she snarls, though she clearly has no idea how her privacy has been violated. Later still, at a park, attention is focused on another attractive young woman playing with her dog. At one point she looks over wistfully at a romantic couple. She begins to tear up. The camera captures her emotion and vulnerability. The stalking begins. Over the next week, the cameraman follows this young woman home and records her movements to and from work, her frequent visits to a coffee shop, on a jogging date with a friend. The stalker, whose perspective is the only one the audience will ever experience is becoming familiar with the subject’s routine. At an electronics store, the still unseen, compulsively recording stalker, tells a salesman that he and his wife want to check up on their nanny. The salesman provides various surveillance equipment that can be hidden in common household objects. The salesman points out that this is all completely legal. When the young woman is away from her apartment, the stalker breaks in and goes through her personal belongings, including photos and some impressive artwork. We discover that her name is Amy and we gather she is recovering from a painful break-up. The stalker installs hidden video cameras throughout Amy’s home. As Amy returns to the apartment it becomes clear that she is now under surveillance 24/7. We see her talking on the phone with her mom and best friend, watching TV, showering, going to bed. As she falls asleep, we see the stalker curling up next to a monitor in his home which features a close-up of Amy sleeping. The stalker has rehearsed a meeting with Amy and intentionally bumps into her at the coffee shop that she frequents, holding the same DVD movie she recently enjoyed. She sees it in his hand and begins a conversation, sharing strangely similar perspectives of the movie. The stalker has concealed a mini spy cam in his shirt, so we are still seeing Amy through his perspective. Amy introduces herself. The stalker, we learn, is named Doug. Back in her apartment, Amy works on a new painting while talking on the phone to her best friend, Jen, about the new guy she’s met and with whom she appears to have so much in common. Her friend tells her to give the guy a chance, but Amy is hesitant, feeling there might be something a little off about Doug. Later, Amy gets a call from Matt, a smooth and flirty co-worker who asks her out. She accepts, much to the distress of the ever observant Doug. The next day Doug is back at the coffee shop. When he encounters Amy this time, he asks her out to see their favorite band for a one night only performance. But she turns him down saying she has other plans. When Doug presses, she doesn’t mention her date with Matt, but cites family obligations instead. Stifling his pain, Doug rushes off back to his car, but once inside lets out a roar of rage. Later, Doug, once again, breaks into Amy’s apartment. Using a syringe, we see him go to her refrigerator and poison a drink. Amy later becomes violently ill and must cancel her plans with Matt. Outside the coffee shop, Doug claims his car has broken down and is running late for a meeting. He accepts Amy’s offer of a ride. During the ride, Amy discovers they have even more in common, including taste in art. Doug claims to be a photographer on the side, while Amy shares her dream of painting professionally. Doug tells Amy she needs a website to advertise her work and then offers to design it for her. At home, on the phone with Jen, Amy’s instincts tell her not to pursue Doug, but Jen advises her not to burn any bridges. Amy then has a date with Matt, which appears to go well. Doug calls Amy and says he has something he wants to show her. He comes by the apartment the next day. This is the first time we get a full view of Doug’s face through the hidden cameras. He shows Amy the website. She is thrilled and appreciative, but Doug refuses to accept payment for the job. Doug says she can repay him with dinner. They meet at a restaurant but things get awkward when Doug reaches over for Amy’s hand and she pulls away. Later, at home, she tells Jen that Doug’s hand was “sweaty and gross.” Amy says she doesn’t want to hurt him, but plans to slow it down and say she’s busy whenever he calls. In a parking lot, we see Amy leave her car to get coffee. When she returns, she becomes frantic. Her work laptop has been stolen. Next we see Amy leaving her office building, carrying possessions in a cardboard box. We learn she has been fired for losing the laptop which contained extremely sensitive material. Matt stops by Amy’s apartment to comfort her. One thing leads to another and they are soon making out. Watching on his home monitor, Doug reacts violently. He phones Amy, but hangs up before she can answer. The interruption gives Amy pause and she stops going further with Matt. Later, Doug breaks into Amy’s apartment, spreading a skin irritant over her bedding. That night Amy is driven crazy by the reaction and her skin develops unsightly red welts. Consequently, she needs to break another date with Matt. Frustrated and angry, Amy slams the radio in the bathroom, which has a camera hidden inside it. Doug panics. For a moment, it looks as though Amy will uncover the device as she tries to repair the damaged radio. But at the last second, the radio starts working again and Amy puts it back on the shelf. Talking to Jen later, Amy explains that her relationship with Matt is over. Jen asks if Amy’s heard from Doug and then suggests she call him to touch base. Later that day, Amy receives a phone call from the owner of a five star restaurant who has seen her artwork and wants to display some of her pieces in his main dining room. He asks her to thank her “friend” for making it happen. Amy meets Doug in a park where he explains how he recommended her artwork to the restaurant. Deeply grateful, she asks Doug to come over that night to share a celebratory meal she is planning with Jen. Doug says he needs to take a rain check as he has plans with another woman. In her apartment, Amy discusses Doug’s new girlfriend with Jen, who seems a bit skeptical. Amy wants Jen to join them for lunch the next day – to be safe, she says, and because she doesn’t want to encourage him. Later that night, returning to and walking through her darkened apartment, Amy trips on a mysteriously fallen shelf and cuts herself badly on broken glass. Doug “happens” to call as she’s bleeding on the floor. He comes to the rescue, bandages her and takes her to the hospital. They return with Amy on crutches. Doug cleans up the mess and overhears Amy on the phone with Jen, telling her what a sweetheart he has been. Before he leaves, Amy thanks him profusely and kisses him on the cheek. The next day, Amy tells Jen how amazed she is over everything that Doug has done for her. Jen says that she can’t make lunch because of a business meeting. Amy says it’s fine, she can handle the situation. Later, Amy greets Doug at the door, excitedly telling him that her paintings have sold, but is not sure who the buyer is. Doug congratulates her. Jen arrives unexpectedly, coming to celebrate the news of the sale. Doug is thrown by the unexpected interruption and struggles to keep it together. Jen quizzes him on his background. When some wine is spilled on his shirt, he freaks out. Doug, who has said he hails from Seattle and has an eye doctor father, is questioned about his hometown. When he retreats to the bathroom, Jen, who is familiar with Seattle, tells Amy she has caught him in a lie. Doug fakes a cell phone call to get out of there. Doug calls Amy at home later to say he may have misspoken about Seattle, but was thrown off-guard by Jen’s many questions. Amy apologizes for her friend. Later, Jen is still skeptical, but Amy defends Doug, reminding Jen that she was the one who wanted to give Doug a chance in the first place. When Amy exits to take a shower, Jen calls her cousin in Seattle and leaves a message, asking him to call her at home. She wants him to check out a local eye doctor. Later that night, Rocky, Amy’s dog, is missing from the patio. It’s raining heavily. Amy thinks he may have run off to the park. Since Amy’s on crutches, Jen goes in pursuit. In the park she is confronted by Doug, who strikes her. She falls down a flight of stairs to her death. In the aftermath, police bring Amy home to her apartment and Doug comes over to comfort her and put her to bed. Amy stays in touch by phone after she goes to stay with her parents for a week. Doug tells her that he’s still looking for Rocky. A depressed Amy returns home and later shares dinner with Doug. He tells her that he has broken up with his “girlfriend.” Later he comes back to the apartment with Rocky, explaining that he has been out looking for the dog every evening. Amy is thrilled and relieved. After putting Rocky safely on the patio, an overcome Amy throws herself at Doug in thanks, moving him to the bedroom and down on the bed. Doug is unable to perform, however. Amy apologizes for trying to move the relationship to another level. She is convinced that they made a big mistake. Doug is distraught and pleads with her to understand. He tells her she can’t go back to how things were. He slips up and mentions things he has seen on the hidden cameras. Amy is horrified he knows such intimate information about her. It finally dawns on her that she is being monitored. Amy smashes the clock radio next to the bed and discovers the hidden camera. She runs for the door but Doug blocks her path. Amy races to the bathroom, locking herself in. She tries to get out a window, but Doug breaks in after her. As they struggle, Doug tries to explain himself. Amy pulls herself together and cleverly manages to calm Doug down. But when she tries to make another run for it, a fierce battle ensues – “Alone With Her.”

Genres: CrimeDramaThriller
Directed By: Eric Nicholas
Runtime: 78 minutes
Studio: IFC
MPAA Rating Not Rated