Black Sheep

Black Sheep Release Date: June 22, 2007

No, Chris Farley has not been raised from the dead. And, no, Paramount is not rerelasing their “Black Sheep,” this summer. But, alas, your eyes are not deceiving you either. IFC/First Take are willing to bet their house on the fact that there will be quite a few kids out for summer vacation, black sheep of their own families, who will be able to relate to their film or, at the very least, spend $10 on it. In this “Black Sheep” movie, we find out that there are 40 million sheep in New Zealand and only 4 million inhabitants. After a genetic experiment goes wrong, New Zealand’s sheep start turning nasty, and it’s the humans who begin bleating. Uh-huh – bah, blah, “Black Sheep.”

Genres: ComedyHorror
Directed By: Jonathan King
Runtime: 87 minutes
Studio: IFC
MPAA Rating Not Rated