Race You To The Bottom

Race You To The Bottom Release Date: March 30, 2007

“Race You to the Bottom” centers around a beautifully complicated and heated love affair between two young 20-somethings: a straight woman and her best friend, a gay man. Starring young actors Cole Williams (“Harry and Max”) and Amber Benson (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) in career-making lead roles, “Race You to the Bottom” is a vibrant, sexy artistic achievement and a cultural milestone in reflecting a fast changing new world of fluid sexuality. Propelled by the exhilaration of their six-month secret affair, gay Nathan and straight Maggie embark on a sun-drenched road trip through Napa Valley wine country, all the while leaving their respective boyfriends behind. The lovers try to define their relationship on their own terms: sensual, liberating and rebellious, but also one fraught with complications that they might not have the maturity to overcome. The result is an unlikely love story with sharply drawn, intelligent and flawed characters. As these two hedonists tear through Northern California, the film reminds us of the glorious moments when romance seems to have no boundaries – “Race You To The Bottom.”

Genres: DramaRomance
Directed By: Russell Brown
Runtime: 73 minutes
Studio: Reg.
MPAA Rating R