Sea of Dreams

Sea of Dreams Release Date: September 21, 2007

Across the sea lies a village full of romance, wonder and mystery; a timeless place where man and nature connect in improbable ways. How we live and whom we love, these things are beyond our control. It is a simple truth, one that is difficult to accept. But no matter how hard one denies it, there is no greater mystery than destiny. Nobody knows the power of the sea better than Grecia (Sendi Bar). Her parents were lost to the sea at a young age, but she was spared unharmed. Raised by her grandmother (Angelica Maria), Grecia develops into a stunningly beautiful young woman, the object of affection for two brothers, Benjamin (Pablo Santos) and Sebastian (Nicholas Gonzalez). When Benjamin drowns under mysterious circumstances, however, Grecia is viewed with fear and ostracized by the townspeople – by everyone except for Sebastian. Despite the town’s disapproval, Grecia and Sebastian fall deeper in love. But Sebastian is torn: Following his heart to pursue Grecia means betraying his mother (Sonia Braga), who forbids him to marry her. One day, the photographer Marcelo (Johnathon Schaech) comes to town and is immediately smitten with Grecia, her beauty, her infectious spirit, her joie de vivre. He views the mystery that surrounds her as the naïve suspicions of a secluded people. His unconditional acceptance of Grecia touches her heart and makes her question the world around her: should she continue to wait for Sebastian, allow herself to fall in love with Marcelo, and will the sea allow her to pursue either choice?

Genres: DramaFantasyMysteryRomance
Directed By: José Pepe Bojórquez
Runtime: 99 minutes
Studio: Succ.
MPAA Rating PG