Atonement Release Date: March 14, 2008

Focus Features bombed earlier this year with their star-studded And even more so with And, again, with They, Focus Features, however, may have an on their hands! The filmmakers of “Pride & Prejudice” (which was highly overrated) reunite for a new movie, “Antonement,” based on the award-winning best-selling 2002 novel “Atonement,” which is a classic British romance that spans several decades. Fledgling writer Briony Tallis, as a 13-year-old, irrevocably changes the course of several lives when she accuses her older sister’s (“Pride & Prejudice” Academy Award nominee Keira Knightley) lover (James McAvoy, the sexy faun in ) of a crime he did not commit.

According to the outstanding reception “Atonement” received at the 2007 Venice Film Festival – “2008 Oscars” are a sure thing – at least the nominations. But, don’t count on a for “Atonement.” We, at Wild About Movies, have seen “Atonement” and it will definitely find a spot in our “Top 10″ list of movies releases in 2007.

Or, does Focus Features have a fourth bomb for the year 2007 on their hands, with “Atonement,” or will “Atonement” become a hit at the We’re betting the film bats. 000 at the (Karma for Focus).

Focus Features, with their incompetent publicity department headed up by Adriene Bowles and her pet, Kyle Thorpe, couldn’t even secure a Best Picture Oscar for one of the most critically acclaimed movies of the past 20 years – … But “Atonement” just may be the type of picture that survives on great word-of-mouth, rather than inane publicity campaigns created by desperate Hollywood studios and even more pathetic publicists. You’ll decide with your wallet!

As of week, amassed $48 million at the United States . Not a good sign! Especially with its 5 Oscar nominations, including Best Picture.

Genres: DramaMysteryRomanceWar
Directed By: Joe Wright
Runtime: 123 minutes
Studio: TRR
Total Box Office: 50.9 MIL
MPAA Rating R

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