Ciao Release Date: December 5, 2008

The movie “Ciao” opens on a black screen as words appear. Someone called Andrea is writing to someone called Mark. Andrea is coming to visit Mark and cannot wait to see him. However, it is not Mark writing back. It is his friend Jeff. Jeff tells Andrea that Mark has been in a car accident and he passed away. Andrea wonders if he should cancel his trip, but Jeff tells him to come anyway. It is only for two days.

Andrea arrives in Dallas and finds Jeff waiting to pick him up at the airport. At first there is an awkward silence between the two, but soon they break the ice and begin to chat about their lives, jobs and Mark.

Jeff is very curious about the type of relationship that Andrea and Mark had, but he does not push. They reminisce about Mark, talking about his love of country music (which they both hate), his less than stellar artistic skills and his affinity for line dancing.

Andrea asks if he can see Mark’s house and grave. Jeff agrees and they decide to go the next day. Neither man sleeps much that night.

The next day Andrea and Jeff visit Mark’s grave and house. Andrea seems to know Mark’s house and he tells Jeff it is because Mark sent pictures. Andrea even knows things that Jeff does not; like that Mark had a vintage video game in his garage. Andrea and Jeff take turns at the game and it is obvious that they are becoming more comfortable with each other. Andrea even teaches Jeff how to ride Mark’s scooter.

That night, Jeff cooks dinner for them and they discuss romantic history. Jeff tells Andrea that Mark was married once, to help a friend stay in the States and Andrea tells Jeff that he dated a woman for six years before coming out of the closet. Jeff confesses that part of him was in love with Mark. Andrea tells him that Mark knew this, and always regretted that he did not feel the same way.

Jeff’s stepsister Lauren stops by to borrow the vacuum and to check Andrea out. The three of them wind up sitting around the dinner table for a long time, talking about everything and nothing. Later, Lauren comments that it seems like Andrea likes Jeff. Jeff brushes this off.

Andrea and Jeff do the sightseeing and bar thing the next day. They both seem to have a great time, but return home and find themselves unable to sleep. Andrea tells Jeff that he wants to show him something. In his email he has a video of Mark, playing guitar and singing a country song. It is a catchy, romantic tune and Mark looks happy. Jeff is devastated and begins to weep. Andrea comforts him.

The two lie in bed beside each other, in pajamas but not sleeping. Andrea reaches out to caress Jeff’s face. Jeff does the same. They kiss, tentatively and then with more passion. After kissing for a few minutes, Jeff lays his head down on Andrea’s chest and they sleep.

Jeff takes Andrea to the airport the next day. They are sad and promise to keep in touch. Andrea weeps softly as he gets on the plane and Jeff looks deeply depressed as he drives away. He goes to Mark’s house and takes out the scooter. He rides down the street, feeling free. We intercut shots of Mark doing the same thing in happier times before the credits roll as a picture of Mark and Jeff fades to black.

Genres: DramaRomance
Directed By: Yen Tan
Runtime: 87 minutes
Studio: Reg.
MPAA Rating R