Doubt: Release Date: December 12, 2008

“Doubt” won the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for Best Play. “Doubt” originated off-Broadway 2004, starring Tony winner Cherry Jones. Moving to Broadway, the play “Doubt,” written by Oscar winner John Patrick Shanley (“Moonstruck”), received not only rave reviews but endless sold out performances.

Meryl Streep has two chances this year, at winning her third Oscar, and receiving her sixteenth acting Oscar nomination. For the movie “Doubt,” in which she headlines. And for her starring role in also based on a popular worldwide stage show – albeit a musical.

“Doubt” is set in a Catholic school in New York in the 1964, where the principal, Sister Aloysius () is certain that a young priest, Father Flynn (Best Actor Oscar winner , “Capote”) is sexually abusing one of her pupils, Donald Muller (Joseph Foster), who also happens to be the school’s first black student. Who to believe? Father or Sister?

Not to mention, John Patrick Shanley, who hasn’t had a hit screenplay since “Moonstruck,” over 20 years ago, has a shot at a second Oscar for Best Screenplay and a chance at a Best Director nod. “Doubt” not. The movie is thatgood.

Oscar nominee Amy Adams () evens out the main cast of four, playing Sister James.

Genres: DramaMystery
Directed By: John Patrick Shanley
Runtime: 104 minutes
Studio: Miramax
MPAA Rating PG-13