Drona Release Date: October 2, 2008

Hidden deep within the folds of our universe is secret as ancient as time itself. A secret, which tattered would bring about the end of the world. Only one man today can protect this secret and save us from total destruction.Faraway in a distant town, there was once a young man Aditya. Brought up by a foster family, Aditya was unaware of his real identity and the destiny that awaited him. Ever since he was a child, a frequent nightmare troubled him. And when he woke up in fear, there was no one he could hold on to except for a magical blue rose petal that came wafting in the wind, never failing to make him smile through his tears. Somewhere far from here, en evil Sorcerer, Riz Raizada, a descendant of the Asuras(legendary demons) has become dangerously impatient, in his thirst for the precious secret. The secret, which was the missing link, in his grand plan of taking over the universe. To get to the secret, he’d have to defeat the “Drona.” And herein lies his problem. He didn’t know who or where the Drona was! One sudden day Aditya and Riz came face to face and Riz immediately recognized him as the “Drona.” Aditya’s destiny had caught up with him and his life was about to take him on a journey he had never imagined. Aditya couldn’t understand why Riz’s men were hunting him down. Just when he was about to be captured, a cult that believed that the Drona was their messiah came to his rescue. Sonia, the leader of the cult, exposed Aditya’s real identity to him. baffled, Aditya found it all too hard to believe having no time to lose, Sonia decided to take Aditya back to his place of birth, the ancient kingdom of Pratapgarh where his mother, Queen Jayati Devi would have the answers to his questions. But before he could hug his mother, Riz and his army of the darkest powers caught him. Aditya would now have to rise to the occasion and hold his destiny. For the sake of mankind he would have to become the renowned warrior for which he was born to be “Drona.” Thus began Drona’s journey through myths and legends. Along with Sonia, he would fight the evil spells of the absolutely toxic Riz Raizada. By battling the odds, he would discover skills that he never knew he had. But would his fears catch up with him? Would the nightmares from his childhood come in the way of his epic journey?

Genres: ActionAdventureDramaFantasy
Directed By: Goldie Behl
Studio: Eros
Total Box Office: 475.1 TH
MPAA Rating Unrated