Extreme Movie

Extreme Movie Release Date: December 5, 2008

“Extreme Movie” is another release from the incompetents at The Weinstein Company. Their Dimension releases “Extreme Movie” in complete secrecy. No official movie poster was provided. No official website. No movie trailer. And no details as to which theaters it will be releasing on December 5, 2008. God only knows how the studio stays in business. They screwed up royally by choosing to release in 2008, and putting the much more anticpated – AND MUCH BETTER MOVIE – on the backburner.

And, here we have “Extreme Movie.” One of the absolute worst movies of the decade. Movie studios are required by law to screen any and all of their films that will be released in movie theaters for movie exhibitors, the theater owners who agree to showcase their films. As is the case with movie critics, studios are not required to screen movies for them.

Thankfully, for your sake, Wild About Movies publisher Tim Nasson is very friendly with a few movie exhibitors and has been attending exhibitor movie screenings since he was in high school, in 1988. Months ago, Tim Nasson saw “Extreme Movie,” (as it was first scheduled for a Summer 2008 release), and uttered aloud, after exiting the screening: “Whoever decided that the sights of Jamie Kennedy, Ryan Pinkston and Frankie Muniz naked would attract straight girls or gay men, and make them want to pay to see their nakedness, obviously must be asexual, as there is not an ounce of attractiveness to any of the trio, naked or fully clothed. The sheep in the movie is much more attractive than all of the stars, combined.”

Not to mention, that the sex fest movie, which was released on DVD in Europe earlier in 2008, is one of the worst movies, overall, released in the 2000s.

Amazingly, “Extreme Movie” is one of the shortest non-animated films in moviegoing history, 74 minutes. But, even that, is 73 minutes too long.

Genres: Comedy
Directed By: Adam Jay Epstein Andrew Jacobson
Runtime: 86 minutes
Studio: W/Dim.
MPAA Rating Unrated