Flashbacks Of A Fool

Flashbacks Of A Fool Release Date: October 17, 2008

Hollywood movie star Joe has it all; looks, fame, money, but there’s a demon inside him that his Babylonian debauches can’t kill. On a one way ticket to self destruction Joe realizes the only way to save himself is by returning to a place he’s been running from his entire life, his childhood, a place ruled by a love he desperately wants to remember and a catastrophe he’ll do anything to forget. Starring Daniel Craig (),”Flashbacks Of A Fool” is a tender ode to first love, a shocking fable of soul wrenching tragedy, and a poignant, powerful journey of forgiveness, redemption and healing in the heartbreaking tradition of “Prince of Tides.”

Genres: Drama
Directed By: Baillie Walsh
Runtime: 110 minutes
Studio: Anch.
MPAA Rating R