Flashbacks Of A Fool

Flashbacks Of A Fool Release Date: October 17, 2008

Hollywood movie star Joe has it all; looks, fame, money, but there’s a demon inside him that his Babylonian debauches can’t kill. On a one way ticket to self destruction Joe realizes the only way to save himself is by returning to a place he’s been running from his entire life, his childhood, a place ruled by a love he desperately wants to remember and a catastrophe he’ll do anything to forget. Starring Daniel Craig (),”Flashbacks Of A Fool” is a tender ode to first love, a shocking fable of soul wrenching tragedy, and a poignant, powerful journey of forgiveness, redemption and healing in the heartbreaking tradition of “Prince of Tides.”

Starring: Mark StrongDaniel CraigFelicity JonesOlivia WilliamsJames D'ArcyKeeley HawesHelen McCroryClaire ForlaniJodhi MayMax DeaconEveEmilia FoxAlfie AllenAngie RuizEmile RobertAnnabel LinderHarry EdenJodie TomlinsonErich ConradJade BryantDarron MeyerMia CliffordGina AthansMax RobsonPope JerrodMiriam KarlinJulie OrdonSid MitchellSue DallScoutt Lowe
Genres: Drama
Directed By: Baillie Walsh
Runtime: 110 minutes
Studio: Anch.
MPAA Rating R