Saving Marriage

Saving Marriage Release Date: October 17, 2008

When the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial court makes gay marriage legal, the public outcry pushes legislators to approve a constitutional amendment that would override the decision and take gay marriage away. But there is still hope. To become law, the amendment must withstand a second vote in eighteen months. In the meantime, gay and lesbian couples begin marrying all over Massachusetts. That fall, every legislator stands for re-election, and gay marriage takes center stage in the campaigns. Both sides know that the outcome will decide which lawmakers are present for the crucial second vote on the amendment. And the results surprise everyone. After the elections, there are just a few more months to convince legislators to change their minds. The newly married couples spark a conversation, talking of how marriage has transformed their lives. The legislators; and the people; begin to understand, but will it be enough to affect the second vote? “Saving Marriage” is there as this two year-long drama unfolds, following people who are making history: Career politicians who stand up to their constituents and follow their hearts. Seasoned lobbyists who see the holy grail of the gay rights movement suddenly within reach. And ordinary people who are spurred to action by an issue that could change their lives.

Genres: Documentary
Directed By: John Henning Mike Roth
Runtime: 90 minutes
Studio: Reg.
MPAA Rating PG-13