Strength And Honor

Strength And Honor Release Date: April 18, 2008

“Strength And Honor” tells the story of an Irish-American boxer, Sean Kelleher (Michael Madsen), who accidentally kills his friend in the ring and promises his wife that he will never box again. However, years later, when he discovers that his only son is dying of the same hereditary heart disorder which has taken his wife, he is forced to break his promise in order to raise the substantial funds needed for the surgery that could save his son’s life. “Strength And Honor” is a human drama of love and friendship, sacrifice and devotion, set against the violent underground world of bare-knuckle boxing.

Awards for “Strength And Honor” Best Picture – 2007 Boston Film Festival

Genres: ActionDrama
Directed By: Mark Mahon
Runtime: 95 minutes
Studio: Wein.
MPAA Rating R