The Matador

The Matador Release Date: October 31, 2008

“The Matador” is the epic tale of David Fandila’s quest to become the world’s top-ranked bullfighter. Shot over three years in high definition, “The Matador” follows the humble 24 year-old from Granada in his journey across Spain and Latin America — and into the pages of bullfighting history. Heart-wrenching setbacks follow thrilling successes as the matador they call ‘El Fandi’ reveals why bullfighting is called the most dramatic

profession on earth.

But more than one man’s quest for greatness, “The Matador” is a story of love — of a son for his father, of the audiences for their heroes, of a people for a passionate and violent ritual, and of the bullfighter’s paradoxical love for the majestic beast that he must kill to create his art.

Even as David sacrifices his youth for this quest, it’s validity comes into question. Has the art to which he has committed his life become an antiquated relic in the face of a modern Europe and a culturally divided Spain? As David struggles to achieve his place in the pantheon of Spain’s greatest bullfighters, he is confronted by those who question the place of this ancient and brutal ritual in the 21st Century.

But it is the danger of the bullfights themselves; with the anguish of failure, the threat of defeat, and the tension of near-misses on the road to greatness – that captures our imagination. In a dramatic climax, El Fandi triumphs, achieving the victory long denied him, and all of his ancestors.

Genres: ComedyCrimeDramaThriller
Directed By: Richard Shepard
Runtime: 96 minutes
Studio: CityL
MPAA Rating R