The Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect Release Date: June 20, 2008

First generation immigrant, and hip, new-age clothing designer, Amer Atrash (PHILIPPE CALAND), left Lebanon in pursuit of the America Dream. Though he has come close several times, something unexpected always seems to prevent Amer from accomplishing his goal—financial success. In the weeks before the launch of his cutting edge clothing brand Atrash, and on the brink of major financial success, Amer finds himself in an all too familiar predicament when the rug is pulled from under his feet at the eleventh hour.

Instead of dwelling on the bad news, Amer is propelled into action—the hustler within awakened. Met with a barrage of excuses and ‘no’s’, Amer finds himself with his back up against the wall. Meanwhile, his wife Sherry (VIRGINIA MADSEN), feeling neglected, decides that she needs time to think in order to reevaluate her situation—thus, she requests that Amer move into his office.

Amer tries to bury himself in his work, but is haunted by the memories of an event that transpired years ago. Finally, he confesses his secret to Sherry, divulging the story of an unavoidable accident fifteen years earlier, that left Phillip Blackman () a cripple and in a wheelchair. Amer further confesses that he believes all of the pitfalls he has encountered in life since that night are directly linked to the curse and bad karma that follows him around, preventing him from achieving his dream. Sherry, who is compassionate, understanding and tired of losing her husband to his work, encourages Amer to find Phillip and make amends.

Amer sets out to find Phillip, and does so, after first meeting his amazingly beautiful wife, Kitty (MINNIE DRIVER), singing at the local bar on a weekly basis. Amer begs for forgiveness, but does so by citing all the trouble and bad karma that has resulted in his life. Eventually, Phillip takes Amer on a journey, the goal of which to change Amer’s state of mind and help bring him nearer to enlightenment.

Genres: DocumentaryNewsShort
Directed By: Kristen Kellogg
Runtime: 12 minutes
Studio: Mont.
MPAA Rating Unrated