Transsiberian Release Date: July 18, 2008

“Transsiberian” is a movie thriller set on the legendary train that links the Far East and Europe, running from China and Mongolia to Russia. (Think meets the 1980s Oscar winning classic “Runaway Train.”) Following a stay in Peking, Roy and Jessie, a couple who are going through a rocky patch, decide to give their relationship one last go and have another adventure together, travelling on the “Transsiberian” from China to Moscow through exotic, wild and snow-laden places. On the “Transsiberian” train, Roy and Jessie discover that the days of the “Transsiberian’s” glorious luxury have faded since the fall of the USSR. The famous trains former glamour has disappeared, leaving cold steel carriages and taciturn fellow passengers, reputed to include drug traffickers. They take refuge in the company of a fellow western couple who arrive in their shared compartment, Carlos and Abby, who travel throughout the world giving language classes and re-selling handcraft, such as, on this occasion, Russian Matryoshka dolls. Everything is going well until the four decide to get off the train at one stop. Roy gets separated from the rest of the group and the train carries on with the other three already back on board. Jessie, by now extremely worried, has no other option but to get off at the next station and wait until Roy comes on the following train. Abby and Carlos offer to wait with her. However, while they wait for him, Carlos tries to take advantage of Jessie and, in trying to defend herself, she ends up accidentally killing him. Terrified, she buries the corpse in the snow and returns to the station, where Roy has finally arrived. Back together at last, Jessie tries to forget about what has happened. But the nightmare is only just beginning. She will soon discover that Carlos and Abby were in fact drug dealers who were being pursued by several corrupt police officers, and they are now chasing her. Unwittingly, Roy and Jessie get caught up in the dark world of smuggling and betrayal. And they know that while the train is in motion, there is no means of escape!

Genres: CrimeDramaMysteryThriller
Directed By: Brad Anderson
Runtime: 111 minutes
Studio: First
Total Box Office: 2.2 MIL
MPAA Rating R

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