Were The World Mine

Were The World Mine Release Date: October 31, 2008

Based on the short film Fairies, a film festival smash hit, young cowriter and director Tom Gustafson has created an exuberant teen musical comedy, which brims with memorable original music, fresh and lively performances from his young ensemble, and a light, sure-handed comedic touch. Included in the cast is a shining performance from Robin Williams’ 18-year old daughter Zelda Williams (House of D). Co-writer and director Gustafson made his first Super 8 Claymation short at age 9, and graduated from Northwestern University with a film degree. After early freelance production gigs on shows like Michael Moore’s The Awful Truth, he stumbled into location casting and most recently had stints of both Pirates of the Caribbean sequels. “I got to watch amazing directors like Sam Mendes on Road to Perdition and Peter Weir on Master and Commander”, he says. Gustafson then embarked on making several award-winning shorts. After hugely successful and satisfying festival experiences with his hit short film Faeries, Gustafson decided to expand the short into the feature film – “Were The World Mine.” The film marks Gustafson’s directorial feature film debut.

Genres: AdventureComedyFantasyMusicalRomance
Directed By: Tom Gustafson
Runtime: 95 minutes
Studio: SpkP
MPAA Rating Not Rated