An American Affair

An American Affair Release Date: February 27, 2009

Gretchen Mol is getting a second chance. For a spell, ten years ago, her agent and publicist were trying to make fudge out of feces, molding their client Gretchen Mol to become the next Marilyn Monroe. That never happened, even though between 1998 and 1999 the blonde actress (the closest thing she and Marilyn Monroe share is the blonde hair) appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair – (what a publicst she had, was it sleeping with the editor of Vanity Fair?) – and in eight movie box office bombs; “Celebrity,” “Rounders,” “Music From Another Room,” “Finding Graceland,” “The Thirteenth Floor,” “Cradle Wil Rock,” “Forever Mine” and “Just Looking.”

Fast forward to 2009. Gretchen Mol, a nice woman, (Wild About Movies interviewed her countless times in the late 90s), but lacking any charsima, on or off the screen, is back. On television in the low rated but critically acclaimed (not for her performace) ABC drama “Life On Mars” and in the very low budget movie “An American Affair.”

Washington DC, 1963: the Cuban Missile Crisis is last year’s news, and John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s young administration is starting to hit its stride. Behind the scenes, however, winds of discontent are swirling. Thirteen-year-old Adam Stafford has his own problems to deal with. At that uncomfortable age when both everything and nothing seems possible, he’s a bit of a loner, a kid who spends too much time wrapped up in his own thoughts as he suffers through the daily grind of nuns, bullies, and girls at Holy Cross School.

Until the evening his adolescent yearnings come to life: Adam spies a beautiful naked woman in the house across the street, and his curiosity is inflamed. The woman is Catherine Caswell, a stunning thirty-something blond beauty who has just moved in. Captivated, Adam is determined to learn all he can about his new neighbor. Catherine is an artist, a divorcee and a confidante (if not more…) of JFK. Against all odds, an unlikely friendship blossoms between the innocent thirteen-year-old and the world-weary survivor.

But friendship is never enough, not in Washington, and not at the height of the Cold War. Catherine’s hidden past soon catches up with them as she and Adam find themselves enmeshed in the growing confusion and intrigue leading to the assassination of the President.

Genres: Drama
Directed By: William Olsson
Runtime: 96 minutes
Studio: Scre.
MPAA Rating R