Humble Pie

Humble Pie Release Date: November 6, 2009

At nearly 400 pounds, Tracy Orbison (Hubbel Palmer) is a wide target. When he sets out to pursue his dream of acting, the grocery clerk finds an assortment of people waiting to dash his dreams: his acting coach (William Baldwin), who has designs on his sister Peggy (24’s Mary Lynn Rajskub); his juvenile-delinquent friends, who suck him into their petty crimes; and his God-fearing, self-loathing mother (Academy Award nominee Kathleen Quinlan). Through it all, Tracy remains irrepressibly upbeat, convinced he’s destined for something big. Shouldn’t the movie be called “Hubbel Pie,” since the star of the movie’s name is so unsual?

Genres: ComedyDrama
Directed By: Chris Bowman
Runtime: 84 minutes
Studio: Fox
MPAA Rating PG-13