The Hangover

The Hangover Release Date: June 5, 2009

From the director of “Old School” comes a new comedy about a bachelor party gone horribly wrong.

In the movie “The Hangover,” two days before his wedding, Doug and his three friends drive to Las Vegas for a blowout bachelor party they’ll never forget. But, in fact, when the three groomsmen wake up the next morning, they can’t remember a thing. For some reason, they find a tiger in the bathroom and a six-month-old baby in the closet of their suite at Caesar’s Palace.

The one thing they can’t find is Doug. With no clue as to what transpired and little time to spare, the trio must retrace their hazy steps and all their bad decisions from the night before in order to figure out where things went wrong and hopefully get Doug back to Los Angeles in time to walk down the aisle.

Bradley Cooper leads the gang of misfits in the movie “The Hangover.”

Genres: Comedy
Directed By: Todd Phillips
Runtime: 100 minutes
Studio: Warner Bros.
Total Box Office: 277.3 MIL
MPAA Rating Unrated