Eichmann Release Date: October 29, 2010

The movie “Eichmann” spans two decades in the life of notorious war criminal, Adolf Eichmann, from the conflict of the Second World War in Europe, to his imprisonment in Israel in 1960. Avner Less, a young Israeli police officer, is assigned to interrogate Eichmann within the strict guidelines of the law. The wily old fox managed to elude authorities for 15 years, and now sits cool and calm under pressure, confident in the fact that substantive proof has disappeared over time. Avner’s job seems impossible, given the lack of evidence and the protocols imposed upon him, aided by the fact that Less’ friends, countrymen and even his own family view the proceedings as an insult and an outrage. He is continually badgered by his superiors to deliver a swift and definitive admission of guilt. His wife falls ill from stress, as the family is beset by violent protest that makes them fear for their lives, and besieged by fury from all sides. Pariahs in the truest sense, no one even wants to be seen with them. A formidable opponent in the interrogation room, Eichmann displays shrewd intelligence and skill as a manipulator. Flashbacks reveal his megalomaniacal nature, working as a second-rate administrator who enjoyed his role in implementing the Final Solution. His prurient predilections were visited upon a variety of helpless women. Ever opportunistic, he took full advantage of the spoils of war and lavished his like minded-mistresses with gifts. Less penetrates Eichmann’s defenses using the only tools at his disposal: discernment and perseverance. His success is due to a talent for intensely perceptive attention to nuance in facial expression and speech pattern. Ultimately, Less discovers that Eichmann’s innate mediocrity combined with malignant narcissism led to the perverse pleasures he took in his gruesome pursuits.

Genres: BiographyDramaHistoryWar
Directed By: Robert Young
Runtime: 96 minutes
Studio: Reg.
MPAA Rating Unrated