Splice Release Date: June 4, 2010

Clive and Elsa (Oscar winner Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley) are a pair of brilliant scientists whose cutting-edge experiments in genetic engineering make them superstars in their field. As devoted to their careers as they are to one another, they start conducting unauthorized experiments with new animal species that show great promise. Drunk with their godlike powers, they introduce human DNA into one of their creations, producing a creature that is greater than the sum of its parts: a rapidly developing animal/human hybrid that may be a step up on the evolutionary ladder. While this female creature inspires maternal feelings in Elsa, she evokes something far from paternal in Clive, something that poses a threat to them all. Then, when this seemingly perfect organism makes a final, shocking metamorphosis, it is mankind itself that is threatened.

As Guillermo Del Toro presented he also presents “Splice.”

Genres: HorrorSci-Fi
Directed By: Vincenzo Natali
Runtime: 104 minutes
Studio: WB
Total Box Office: 17 MIL
MPAA Rating R

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