The Chronicles Of Narnia 3: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader

The Chronicles Of Narnia 3: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader Release Date: December 10, 2010

“Chronicles Of Narnia 3″ – Disney may have dumped “The Chronicles Of Narnia” after the second in the saga performed poorly at the worldwide movie box office and on DVD – and replaced “Prince Caspian” with But 20th Century Fox was right there to grab it, save the series from obscurity and is the force behind “Narnia 3.”

In “The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader,” Lucy and Edmund Pevensie return to Narnia with their cousin Eustace where they meet up with Prince Caspian for a trip across the sea aboard the royal ship The Dawn Treader. Along the way they encounter dragons, dwarves, merfolk, and a band of lost warriors before reaching the edge of the world.

Director Michael Apted, whose resume includes everything from the 40+ year documentary saga, 21 Up, 28 Up, 35 Up, 42 Up, to the James Bond box office smash “The World Is Not Enough,” to the Oscar nominated “Gorillas In the Mist,” takes charge of this third in the “Narnia” big screen series.

Starring: Will PoulterBen BarnesGeorgie HenleyBruce SpenceSkandar KeynesGary SweetTerry NorrisColin MoodyLaura BrentBille Brown
Genres: AdventureFamilyFantasy
Directed By: Michael Apted
Runtime: 113 minutes
Studio: Fox
MPAA Rating PG