A Beautiful Life

A Beautiful Life Release Date: May 20, 2011

Some go to the city of angels to dream. Others to hide. The movie “A Beautiful Life” tells the story of two teens, Maggie and David, who fall in love and inspire each other to dream again. When Maggie, a runaway, arrives in downtown Los Angeles, she ends up sleeping behind a Dumpster. (Better than in a Dumpster). David, an illegal immigrant working in a strip club, brings her in from the cold. (Not into the Dumpster). Their blossoming love eventually lowers their defenses, allowing them to reveal their painful pasts to each other. With the help of Esther, a stripper, with dreams of superstardom, Maggie and David emerge from hiding and move toward their dream of ‘a beautiful life.’

Genres: Drama
Directed By: Alejandro Chomski
Runtime: 81 minutes
Studio: CL
MPAA Rating Unrated