Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged Release Date: April 15, 2011

Based on Ayn Rand’s epic 1957 novel, ATLAS SHRUGGED PART ONE plots the collapse of American society after “men of the mind” (thinkers, industrialists, scientists, artists and other innovators) go “on strike” and vanish, refusing to contribute to a collectivist world. In this screen adaptation of Part One of the novel, Dagny Taggart, a railroad heiress, tries to save the company by using an unproven type of metal to repair a main line and continue business with oil baron Ellis Wyatt. She faces increasingly corrupt government agencies, the callous incompetence of her own brother James, and the systematic loss of her best and most competent workers. As she works to overcome each obstacle, Dagny detects a pattern, and suspects a sinister force working against her. All across the country, there is a growing sense of helplessness, often summed up in a popular catch phrase – “Who is John Galt?” After the successful test of Taggart Transcontinental’s new rail line made of the new alloy, Rearden Metal, Dagny and industrialist Henry Rearden actively pursue the inventor of a revolutionary motor that could change the transportation industry forever.

Atlas Shrugged Trailer

Genres: DramaMysterySci-Fi
Directed By: Paul Johansson
Runtime: 97 minutes
Studio: RM
MPAA Rating PG-13