A Little Bit Of Heaven

A Little Bit Of Heaven Release Date: May 4, 2012

A sure-fire stinkeroo on all fronts. A love story set in New Orleans about an irreverent young woman who unexpectedly falls in love with her doctor. Marley Corbett (Kate Hudson) is young, beautiful, and wildly funny, but she’s afraid of opening herself up to true love and commitment. Though she uses her humor to prevent matters from getting serious, a life-changing visit to her doctor (Gael Garcia Bernal) sends both of them on an eye-opening adventure of mutual discovery, leading to revelations neither thought possible.Somewhere along the line, Oscar winner Whoopi Goldberg plays God. The Movie facts: Originally entitled Earthbound, the movie A Little Bit Of Heaven, filmed in 2009, was supposed to hit theaters in 2010. Just another in a long string of movies replete with former A-listers and Oscar and Emmy winners and/or nominees that go the way of a VOD/or iTunes release before a laughable theatrical release (in a handful of cities); or a one or two week theatrical engagement before its DVD release immediately thereafter. In the year 2012, alone, Nicolas Cage appeared in Seeking Justice, a movie with a one week theatrical release before its immediate DVD release. Oscar winning director William Friedkin’s Killer Joe, Rated NC-17, appears in theaters starring Matthew McConaughey.Oscar winner Halle Berry’s Dark Tide arrives in theaters a week before its DVD release.

Genres: ComedyDramaFantasyRomance
Directed By: Nicole Kassell
Runtime: 106 minutes
Studio: MNE
MPAA Rating PG-13

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