Bachelorette Release Date: September 7, 2012

Three friends are asked to be bridesmaids at a wedding of a woman they used to call ‘Pigface’ and ridicule back in high school.

A fasttracked ripoff of Bridesmaids, which Tim Nasson saw at a trade screening (June 2012) and assures us is going to end up in the discount DVD bin at Wal-Mart well before Christmas.

Poor Lizzy Caplan is still at it, trying to become a major star (but never will become one). In case you didn’t know, and how would you, since you haven’t seen any of these movies, Lizzy Caplan starred in Cloverfield and Hot Tub Time Machine. This should be the nail in the coffin for her acting career.

Bachelorette Trailer

Genres: ComedyRomance
Directed By: Leslye Headland
Runtime: 87 minutes
Studio: RTWC
Total Box Office: 448 TH
MPAA Rating R