End Of Watch

End Of Watch Release Date: September 21, 2012

Giving the story a first-person immediacy, the action in the movie End Of Watch unfolds entirely through – ridiculously annoying, headache inducing – footage from the handheld HD cameras of the police officers, gang members, surveillance cameras, and citizens caught in the line of fire to

End Of Watch Trailer

Starring: Anna KendrickMichael PeñaJake GyllenhaalDavid HarbourFrank GrilloAmerica FerreraNatalie MartinezCody HornJaime FitzSimonsCle Shaheed Sloan
Genres: CrimeDramaThriller
Directed By: David Ayer
Runtime: 109 minutes
Studio: ORF
Total Box Office: 41 MIL
MPAA Rating R