Monsters Inc.

Monsters Inc. Release Date: December 19, 2012

A big screen rerelease in 3D. Monsters Inc. 2 arrives in theaters Summer 2013.

Monsters generate their city’s power by scaring children, but they are terribly afraid themselves of being contaminated by children, so when one enters Monstropolis, top scarer Sulley finds his world disrupted.

Monsters Inc. cost more than $125 million to make. The film took in $256 million domestically during its initial theatrical release in 2001. And, in total, took in more than $550 million worldwide during its initial theatrical release.

Monsters Inc. Trailer

Genres: AdventureAnimationComedyFamilyFantasy
Directed By: Pete Docter David Silverman Lee Unkrich
Runtime: 92 minutes
Total Box Office: 34 MIL