The Guilt Trip

The Guilt Trip Release Date: December 19, 2012

The ultimate “Jewish Mother” big screen comedy, starring Barbra Streisand.

Andy Brewster (Seth Rogen) is an inventor who lives in Los Angeles. He’s come up with an amazing organic cleaner but can’t get anyone interested in manufacturing it.

Andy plans a business trip to promote the product and decides to take his recently-widowed mother (Barbra Streisand) along for the ride. She’s been despondent since his father died, so he comes up with a great idea – during the trip he’ll surprise her with a stop in San Francisco, where one of her ex-flames lives.

This is diva and Oscar winner Barbra Sreisand’s first leading role since the 1996 bomb, The Mirror Has Two Faces. (She has appeared in the Meet The Parents big screen franchise).

The original title for The Guilt Trip was My Mother’s Curse.

The Guilt Trip Trailer

Genres: Comedy
Directed By: Anne Fletcher
Runtime: 95 minutes
Studio: Par.
Total Box Office: 37.1 MIL
MPAA Rating PG-13