12 O’Clock Boys

12 O’Clock Boys Release Date: October 25, 2013

The 12 O’Clock Boys are a notorious ghettor (gangster) dirt bike pack in Baltimore – popping wheelies and weaving at excessive speeds through traffic – putting countless people in danger of death – the group impressively evades the hamstrung police.

In this unacceptable documentary (three years in the making), their criminal antics are envisioned through the eyes of young adolescent Pug, a bright kid from the Westside obsessed with the riders and willing to do anything to join their ranks.

This movie is horrible and features a bunch of nasty, revolting, thugs (the majority who look like girls and who need their gangster braids ripped out of their heads) who are being chased by the police but whom the movie makes into heroes.


How or why this movie ever got made – a movie that captures and glorifies criminal activity – is anyone’s guess.

DIRECTED BY: Lotfy Nathan

STUDIO: Oscilloscope

RATING: Not Rated

12 O’Clock Boys Trailer

Genres: BiographyDocumentary
Directed By: Lotfy Nathan
Runtime: 76 minutes
Studio: TFA
Total Box Office: 67.7 TH
MPAA Rating Unrated