21 And Over

21 And Over Release Date: March 1, 2013

The movie studio Relativity Media, run by a vile bunch of publicists, lawyers and executives, including head honcho and billionaire, Ryan Kavanaugh, which has NEVER had a box office hit, will score another bomb with “21 And Over,” a knock-off, F-version of “Project X.”

Straight-A college student Jeff Chang has always done what’s expected of him. But when his two best friends Casey and Miller surprise him with a visit for his 21st birthday, he decides to do the unexpected for a change, even though his critical medical school interview is early the next morning. What was supposed to be one beer becomes one night of chaos, over indulgence and utter debauchery in this outrageous comedy.

Relativity Media just may go kaput* with this stinker, which will no doubt (DID) bomb at the movie box office. And the cheap ass mother Fers at the studio couldn’t even spring for a realwebsite. And they are not even Jews, rather owned by a nasty F Irishman. They saved a few pennies and plagued Facebook with a freewebsite. We are veryhappy that the movie bombed. One more step to the completedemise of Relativity Media, a corruptmovie studio run by a **** lawyer, Lauren Goldberg. (She gives Jewish lawyers a really bad name. She is also an ugly F).

And poor, poor Miles Teller, whom we interviewed at the Rabbit Hole junket, the movie in which he costarred opposite Oscar winner Nicole Kidman. His career seems to be over.

* Since the year 1980, but especially since the year 2000, in order for a movie to be considered a box office success, (unless it is an independent film), it must earn $100 million or more during its initial theatrical release.

Relavitity Media launched their studio in 2011 with the box office catastrophe Season Of The Witch, starring Nicolas Cage. The movie made less than $25 million; rightfully so since it was one of the worst movies ever made.

Relativity Media has never had a release that has been able to earn $100 million at the U.S. movie box office.

Below, complete box office results for all Relavity Media studio releases. Keep in mind, movie studios only keep about 50% of a film’s theatrical gross. The movie theaters keep the other half.


1Act of Valor$70,012,847

2 Mirror Mirror$64,935,167 (cost over $100 million to produce and market)

3House at the End of The Street $31,181,277

4Haywire$18,942,396(cost more than $30 million to produce and market)

5The Raven$16,008,272(cost more than $35 million to produce and market)


1Immortals$83, 504, 017 (cost more than $100 million to produce and market)


3Season of the Witch$24,827,228 (cost more than $50 million to produce and market)

4Shark Night 3D$18,817,568

5Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer$15,013,650

6Take Me Home Tonight$6,928,068

7Machine Gun Preacher$515,219(cost more than $40 million to produce and market)

8The Warrior’s Way$106,945

21 And Over Trailer

Genres: Comedy
Directed By: Jon Lucas Scott Moore
Runtime: 93 minutes
Total Box Office: 25.7 MIL
MPAA Rating R